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Not Giving In

Just a very short post to inform my 5 readers that I have not killed off the blog. I’m out of town for awhile and it’s remote, therefore no internet. Being one of those poor foreigner types, I don’t have a laptop and simply am far too sophisticated for pen and paper.

I’m in Catigan right now, a slightly remote part of Davao and even if I had a laptop, I would have to post them from a café. It’s expensive to get down into Toril (the nearest population area) and I’m simply saving it till I get back into Manila sometime in the new year.

For anyone that gives a fart about my blog and to those that read me, then please keep an eye open on the blog. I will be back with you all soon and I hope the new direction I will be taking will be to your liking. I can’t write a proper post as the carabao express will be leaving soon and I don’t want to have to spend the night on the streets of Toril till morning, so I beg your patience and promise I will be back quicker than you can say, relief operation.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and looking forward to a better New Year ahead of us!



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