The Philippines has many critics from within and outside of the country; much of that criticism is valid, some of it is not.

The Philippines has a million problems and there is much to say and complain over, but what’s the point. It’s all been said before and it detracts sometimes from some more positive things that are unsaid. If you want perfection, then don’t come to the Philippines. It’s as simple as that.

As a foreigner that has come to love this country, warts and all, I hope to be able to present a realistic reflection, and put across why I sometimes hate it here, but for the most part, love it. The contradictions will be apparent, but this country is a mass of contradictions, so I can’t see how I can talk about it here in any other way other than somewhat contradictory.

Without having any firm ideas on direction as a writer, I would just like to express what I hope this site can become. It’s written predominantly with foreigners in mind, and I want to try to be advisor, guide, as well as an aid to anyone that has thoughts of coming here, living, or setting up business.

I want outsiders to know the real Philippines, not anything sugar-coated. I have no intentions to seek accreditation from the tourist board; to do that, I would probably have to lie and sprinkle bullshit along with glitter.

Manila itself is a staging point for most travelers, and as it’s somewhere that most are forced to see before they move on to better destinations, it should at least be explained. Despite the many problems the capital has, it still is worthy of exploration. If you think outside of the usual things to do, it can be quite an eye-opener.

As the site builds, the number of followers will build with it both local and elsewhere. With greater numbers, then you can learn from each other. It can also be a vehicle for sensible debate and exchange of views. It could be a genuine opportunity to learn from each other.

A little exchange between outsiders and locals just may shatter a few misconceptions. Your input as a reader and contributor will be essential if this site is to be a success. Yes, of course, I want it to be a success for myself, but equally, I hope it can inform foreigners around the globe and expats living here, as well as Filipinos who are curious about others perceptions of their country.

So come with me. If you’re a local and you feel my reporting is inaccurate, I’m only too happy to learn from my mistakes. It may come down to simply a difference of opinion, but the whole point is exchange and the sharing of minds and ideas as well as giving us the opportunity to learn from each other.

As previously stated, this land is about as contradictory as it can get, but it’s definitely an adventure once you start to get used to it. At first, many people that come here think they will never adjust, but you do. A little help from others can speed that process along.


5 responses to “Mabuhay!

  1. Awesome blog, I really enjoy reading your posts! Do you mind me asking, what do you do there in Manila? I’m on the edge plan of making the move there as well. Thanks for liking a few posts of mine!


    • Thanx for the kind words eatadobo (i will just call you eat). Well i came here long ago with as much cash as i could muster and never wanted to go home. I love the freedom, the anarchy and the charm. As the money dwindles, i go back to try and top up my funds doing just about any job i can get and then spend as long as possible here until hunger sets in. I’m supported in the more difficult moments by people that care but i simply occasionally go home, save as much as i can by being a dull boy and then come back here. I write but that’s for love. As i don’t care if i live in a wooden shack or sleep on someones floor, i can get by on little learning from people who i know that get by on little. That lifestyle has led me to the real Philippines doing non tourist things like drinking outside sari saris and living as simply as possible so i can stay all the longer. I don’t need, i don’t have but im among great teachers and i wouldn’t swap this for the world, problematic country or not.
      You should come my friend. keep enough for the flight home and you will be fine. The flight ticket home is the only security you need. Let me know what you have in mind. I enjoy your perspective too Eat, id love to see your blogs whilst your writing from here. Again another perspective.


      • Thanks for the reply! I love to hear stories of people who make the move there and the reasons why they do it. Maybe on my next visit we can sit for a coffee and a chat. I look forward to reading more of your posts. I hope to write from there, who knows!


  2. Thank you for sharing this insight.
    Greetings from a Pinoy in Abu Dhabi 🙂


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