Not Giving In

Just a very short post to inform my 5 readers that I have not killed off the blog. I’m out of town for awhile and it’s remote, therefore no internet. Being one of those poor foreigner types, I don’t have a laptop and simply am far too sophisticated for pen and paper.

I’m in Catigan right now, a slightly remote part of Davao and even if I had a laptop, I would have to post them from a café. It’s expensive to get down into Toril (the nearest population area) and I’m simply saving it till I get back into Manila sometime in the new year.

For anyone that gives a fart about my blog and to those that read me, then please keep an eye open on the blog. I will be back with you all soon and I hope the new direction I will be taking will be to your liking. I can’t write a proper post as the carabao express will be leaving soon and I don’t want to have to spend the night on the streets of Toril till morning, so I beg your patience and promise I will be back quicker than you can say, relief operation.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and looking forward to a better New Year ahead of us!



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8 responses to “Not Giving In

  1. Merry Christmas! 🙂


  2. Wee

    make that SIX readers


  3. Peter

    Love reading your blog. As a fellow Brit about to try and make a go of life in manila it’s been intresting to read your frank views which are mainly inline with mine. I have visited many times and love the soul and vibe of manila but the frustrations do sometimes leave you confused.
    I help with a street kids foundation would love you to come down and see us in makati sometime and write a post on the positives of the negatives 😉


    • Hello Peter, thank you for your comment. Your request has been sent to the writer and he had responded and said thank you for the invite, and he would be honoured to attend. He’s currently stuck in Mindanao with no internet where he is but will soon be back to writing. -Editor


      • Peter

        When I see you posting your back I will drop you the details. Have a great break from manic Manila.


      • Hi Peter and as my eloquent editor said i will be back in Manila soon. It will be in Early March and look forward to that day visiting your foundation which im sure is a worthy project.Hope to meet you soon Peter and thanks for the interest in my blog


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