Bubble Bursting

The bubble that has been burst is mine. Returning from my stay in Davao, I was full of energy and ready to continue this strange venture I’ve started when some hard realities of life smacked me down and poured cold water all over my enthusiasm.

So here I go again with another apologetic post. Reason, my computer decided to have a coronary whilst my finances are at an all-time low, hence no computer repair possible just yet.

Oh well, such is life and I will just have to regard this as a blip in my long term planning which I haven’t planned yet. I guess it makes sense to never plan a thing. Just let things take their own course. Not a lot of choice in the matter anyway so I will pretend I’m being philosophical about it. My computer is busted so I’m out the game for a little while longer, simple as that.


So as I’m at a friend’s using an available laptop, I thought I would just let those who give a damn know that I’m back and will be writing when my computer is repaired which I pray will be soon. I won’t be going into any particular topic just now.

These demoralizing events have killed my imagination for now at least. I’m sure you have been in the same place, same frame of mind. I have been away from writing for 4 months. I’ve been scribbling notes and making plans whilst I was in Catigan. I was bursting to start work when I got back. 

I’m now feeling like a footballer that’s been out of the game for a few months with an injury. I have been deflated (computer kaput) and I am lacking match fitness too. I’m dry and rusty and definitely lost my sharpness.

I’m sure I will be back full of gusto, moving the direction of this blog and pressing on with opening up wider topic matters and continuing evolving the blog, but it won’t be just yet.

I still have no fixed ideas as to where I want to take this as I’ve said before. I’m seeing where it takes me. Right now with a broken computer, that’s nowhere. A repaired computer and a little cash injection will put me back on track and it’s probably best I don’t try to write about anything in particular on a friend’s laptop in a hurry. So you lucky readers are being treated to a meme post. I won’t do it again after this I promise.

The Future’s Bright
Having a break from writing meant I could rethink future direction. I’ve come to the conclusion not everything has to be serious and for that matter it doesn’t hurt to move away from Filipino related issues. We have the World Cup to enjoy in June and I’m sure many expats will be preoccupied with the greatest show on earth. It’s an event I can’t leave out even if football to a Filipino is not of much significance. Some have an interest, but most don’t, and it receives as much attention as the superbowl does in North Korea. 

I’m hoping there will be some events organized locally so us citizens of the world that love a real game instead of that bouncy bouncy thing they play here can enjoy it together. Yes, I have an aversion to sports that height challenged people like me are excluded from. If anyone knows of any World Cup events planned for the coming World Cup in Brazil, let me know so I can inform others.

If I was fortunate enough to own a bar, I would be recruiting a Brazilian chef, checking through my Sergio Mendez collection and organizing Brazilian nights with half price bikini line trims and top it all  with the World Cup matches screened live. A bit risky maybe as Rio de Janeiro is around 13 hours behind the Philippines. Matches are likely to be around midnight and 3 in the morning, but I still think there are some great opportunities coming up this June for anyone wanting to fill a bar with foreigners. As for me, I’d better get a television.

Ulterior Motive
My stay in Davao introduced me to a radically different way of life to that of living in Manila. It’s nice to be able to have another perspective, a much brighter one. Metro Manila has been the focal point of this blog. I intend to bring some of the sunnier aspects of living in the Philippines to light.

It’s perhaps time to broaden this blog out and show people how life can be good here.

I also plan one day to make a business from Manila Concierge Online. The long term intention when the time is right is to assist visitors, expats or just about anyone in finding the best ways to enjoy your time here. I am not fully qualified to call myself any kind of expert so I’m putting together a network to help those wishing to come here to enjoy the Philippines in the way they want to enjoy it. It doesn’t help much when I disappear off the map for 4 months unable to post or properly write. But this is a slow-build blog. My longer term ambitions are for the future, for now this is just a blog of the ramblings of a half senile Englishman.

There are many writers online already that will tell you where to eat the best Italian food, which are the nicest beaches and where to go surfing. I won’t be doing much of that as I have little idea; I’m not privileged enough to have ever found out. I did in the early days but the cash comes tumbling down and I had to moderate my ways.

I’m hoping to get invites to restaurants, resorts, homestays or just about anywhere so I can inform readers of some interesting places to go and fun things to do. Many come here and spend a fortune staying in hotels or renting expensive condos. If you are prepared to step outside your comfort zone just a little you can stay here extremely cheaply. Having the comforts is not that expensive either. If you get away from the capital, you will experience the diversity in some of the most beautiful places on earth. Being in Metro Manila is an experience worth having sure, but there are so many better places to see if you’re planning to visit or live in the Philippines. I’m possibly guilty of being too Manila centric previously. I hope to change that.

This post is not about anything in particular. I can’t wait to get back into proper writing and reflecting on some of the better things about life in the Philippines. I’m not a travel writer and I’m certainly not James lifestyle guy. I enjoy Philip Lifestyle Guy on TV 5 but James Lifestyle Guy is more about back alleys, drinking shots with tricycle drivers and eating for 50 pesos than it is about French or Italian cuisine. The only reason I hate you Philip is because you make me hungry. 

For now, it’s an amateur blog written by someone still learning. Stick with me. Normal service will resume as soon as possible, just as soon as I get my new motherboard.

I still have no idea where this will end. I have little idea where it’s been. Your help and input will be essential.

Speaking of help and input, I was considering previously starting a Facebook page as a kind of forum for discussion. I fully intended to do that, but I confess I’m not sure if I want to anymore. I had the crazy notion that posting this out in various Facebook groups would be a good thing, drive traffic towards my blog and build a larger readership. I have never had a negative comment sent to me via my blog. On Facebook, it was another story and I gained quite a few critics with some mindless statements thrown at me.

I know as a blogger I have to be thick-skinned. That’s fine but when you’re being told off for things you haven’t said, that’s another matter.  It seems to me that Facebook has many readers who react to one line without reading the whole story. I’ve done it myself more than once using Facebook,  I know how easy it is to wrongly kneejerk only to realize you have misunderstood what you react to and look foolish in doing so.

Because of the nature of Facebook, I just don’t know if it matters. Looking back, I’m now wondering why I ever wanted a large readership. I’m still thinking that one through.

Tell me what you think. Should I open my throat to the hounds on Facebook, or should I just keep to a simple blog with a smaller audience? I am giving that one some thought but at present, I’m thinking it’s best not to bother.

So here endeth my meme post. As much as anything, it’s to keep my 6 readers with me. I look forward to catching up with Peter who has invited me to his street kids project. I’m very much looking forward to that.

It’s stupid if I say at this point that I shall be going here and there to give you some more insight into things to do and places to go. It needs cash to do that and right now I’m not overloaded with it. It’s just good to be back. Let me get over my injuries (septic left shin and broken computer), return to match fitness (fix computer, keep taking the antibiotics and wake up my deflated mind) and continue this silly blog.

I love football analogies (well, it is World Cup year).


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One response to “Bubble Bursting

  1. Peter

    Good to see a new post! Hope you manage to get the laptop fixed ASAP.

    I like Manila but see all it’s faults including the ones of locals as highlighted on getrealphilippines.com but the country is huge and places like Cebu and Iloilo are places which offer a different view of the country.


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