The Less, The Merrier

I am not writing about anything particular. I’m just here to say this is the last time I share this blog in Facebook. I just wanted to get people to have a look and then I continue as a blog only.

Frankly, posting out in Facebook was a rather disillusioning experience. I have decided that I would rather have just 10 viewers who understand what I’m talking about than 400 who read a paragraph and respond with kneejerk reactions. Based on some of the comments Ive received, I think it’s fair to say that many of them had not read the whole article or simply have misread it. I don’t mind being criticized if they are criticizing what I actually wrote. But when they take completely different meanings from what I’ve said I found it very disheartening.

I knew it before, but my experience of posting my blog in various FB groups has taught me that FB is not the best medium for giving opinion, commenting or giving a perspective. I will write in more depth on that topic at a future time as this post really is simply an announcement.

The other announcement I need to convey is to say that I won’t be posting the blog anything like as regularly as I have been. Simple reason is I’m in a province for a few months and internet access isn’t available. I will post anytime I’m able to get online but where I am is remote and although I’m yet to try all the options, the chances are I won’t be able to get a connection.

The good news is I should be able to move away from Manila centric articles which I imagine drives a few mad.

So if you have enjoyed any of my posts and wish to continue reading, then follow my blog and in the future i will probably start a FB group to go along with it. It wouldn’t be a good idea to start it now as I won’t be able to maintain it from where I am. You can if you wish send me a friend request to my FB account and I will make sure when I start the FB group, I will invite you.

Where I am is a completely different Philippines from Metro Manila and being here is always good for my soul. Forgive this nothing post but I have written it on route to my destination in an internet cafe. I also plan to widen this blog out a little and feature topics that are not always Filipino. I shall give a fuller explanation in the near future and I hope I can keep those that understand what I’m trying to do with this blog. Those that misunderstand it, I hope they go away.



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2 responses to “The Less, The Merrier

  1. I think that your get a better response to your articles on Expats in the Philippines (exclusive). I am the admin and rather like your style and fair mindedness when writing articles. I myself have wrote many, my styles is not so elegant as yours. Nor am I such a good writer as your self. What I really do like about your articles is you show your personal thought and experience so well. As I am trying to create an exiting group platform for expats to share their experiences and not be bothered by Filipino’s rosy platform for comments and trolling when the truth is not so rosy. Also keeping out the advertizing that exploits the non street wise. I would like to attract you as a good writer and with your sensible opinions there.


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