The Wilderness


OPM can mean some older established artists of the old order which have their place in Philippine music history, but more importantly it throws up the newer emerging bands which a few years ago would have felt to not be in any position to be themselves. The sheer volume of bands coming through whom may never be world-beaters, yet still do their own thing can only be healthy and has me believing that music in the Philippines is on an upward curve.

Today, I feature The Wilderness who are very far from being household names, but are fresh, original, improvisational and above all, themselves. It wasn’t long ago that that was almost unheard of.

Without the backing of major labels you’re forced to make your way earning your living doing gigs, selling tee shirts and slowly building a fan base. Good luck to the innovators. Here’s The Wilderness.


Piyesta EP

Wilderness Merch



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