Where Next?

(Photo by CoolBeanMommas.com)

(Photo by CoolBeanMommas.com)

Blogging is boring and I must be the ultimate bore to be doing it. But hey, it’s no worse than stamp collecting so give me a break, OK. Blogging about the Philippines, well yes, I ask myself, why on earth? Well, I’m a coward for bungee jumping, but I’m a warrior for talking shit online. Writing about a country with many imperfections and an oversensitive populace is not just difficult, it’s dangerous. Today, I’m really going to give it a go; I’m going to talk some serious shit. No controversies, just a little clearing of the mind before I carry on what I’ve started.

So right now, I’m in a state of confusion about how to carry on with this blog. I think it’s time to get this little boat I’ve set afloat on some kind of course. When I started this blog I thought just do it (no endorsement intended). I had no idea where it would go or if it would ever come to serve any purpose. I just wanted to do it. I just want to try things, let things build, develop and just see which way the wind blows it.

I’ve had a million thoughts of things to do with this blog, and they are mostly just loose ideas. Yet, at this point, I’m just another foreigner wittering on about failings, mindsets and giving amateur advice to potential visitors. Well, that’s where I’m up to so far.

This post is trying to explain that I don’t really have any solid aim, and I am still floating around the blogosphere building content and finding a course to steer. I have every intention of changing that in due course, I’m just not sure how yet.

What I hope I can achieve is to give local people, business and those that don’t have the means, opportunities. If you are selling something, I hope I can help you sell it. If you are job hunting, I hope I can put you in the frame and give a little platform to show yourself. If you’re going into business then I hope I can put you in touch with people to help you achieve it. Above all, I want to build some understanding between people here and us foreigners and see if we can actually learn from each other.

I also don’t want to be silenced by the ‘write positive or leave’ people. I intend to continue writing about the difficulties that people have here and I want to address so many issues such as animal cruelty, power for the sake of gain, and encourage people to learn for themselves the real history of this country and not the doctored version put around not only by this country’s agenda-motivated media but by bad, lazy reporting abroad.

Amongst all this I want to try to take on board suggestions and ideas from my growing readership. There are many things to appreciate this country for and I hope I am still writing this blog as the good news grows. I’m sure some of the changes desired by the people will influence changes here. I’m praying the families that control and virtually own this country think about reforming themselves. That’s not something at this point I’m overly optimistic about. I’m hoping I can encourage the people to think hard about the people they put into power. Common sense would solve many of the problems here; people need to know that sometimes, it’s their own doing. If you vote for slave masters, you will always be slaves.

Foreigners have their own ideas of what to do to fix the Philippines. Locals probably see it as interference. However, I really do believe exchanges of thinking can be healthy. We, as outsiders, really do have to try to relate to how things are done here and up to a point, accept it. Locals need to consider that sometimes, things could be done a little better. It’s no pissing contest, just trying to learn from one another.

What I’ve learnt so far from people here is that you must have patience to survive and let things go as getting mad only hurts yourself and doesn’t change anything. What I’ve tried to show people here is that if you want changes, then it’s you that has to change it. Combine the two together and you’re patiently complaining. Sounds silly, I know but what I’m trying to say is that to make anything better you really do need to speak up. That is where locals fail. What we need to learn from locals is that there is a way to do it without calling people stupid and making demands as well as appearing superior. That’s sometimes where we fail. We cannot change a culture simply because it doesn’t fit in with our thinking of how things should be.

So what’s the point of my talking shit and having no firm topic to discuss today? Well, over the last 40 days, I’ve just been writing, building and now I think it’s time to up the ante a little. I want to add a Facebook page so that topics and ideas can be shared easier. I want to try to empower by presenting local arts, events and alternative adventures for visitors here. Also for god’s sake, will somebody here feed me so I can introduce some unfashionable eating places? I could even handle a day at your resort if invited and reporting it. No, I’m not going to endorse nonsense. But I’m sure there are many unknown, un-thought of things to do which will make visitors time here just a little more worthwhile. Also, there are many pieces by other writers that are helpful and informative; I shall be leading you to them so you can learn for yourself.

So allow me this little time out post which is simply for me to re-group myself and put up a sail to encourage the wind to blow me somewhere. I still don’t know where I’m going with this. But that for me at least is just adding to the adventure.


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  1. I can’t help but appreciate your sharing of sentiment…


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